Why would I buy a laptop and if I need one, which one to buy?

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As a person devoted to productivity in my life, I think use of laptops or notebooks for computing is the way to go in the future for several reasons:

  1. It is getting less and less expensive.
  2. It is mobile and more convenient to use.
  3. It is getting more and more powerful. Almost all of our needs(including gaming) can be met with the current laptops.
  4. With improvement in battery and storage technologies it is consuming less and less power .
  5. It is stylish and improves one’s image. You can personalize your notebook as easily as your car or cellphone.

I think I need not sell you more on this. You are half convinced into buying a laptop as otherwise you would not have been with me so far. So the next question is to decide which brand and to narrow down your choice to a particular model among so many offered by a particular brand. Finally to address the question where to buy at the best possible price and terms.

The answer to all your questions lies with you!

I mean how do you intend to use the notebook ? I am sure it is not just a showpiece to decorate your table. Or is it just to move your fingers over its elegant keyboard or stand mesmerized with the vibrant colors shown on its screen.

But let me be frank with you. I am awestruck with Lenovo (IBM) Thinkpad notebook’s keyboard look and functionality and I see with envy the guys carrying Apple’s Macbook which simply oozes an air of luxury and exclusivity. But that’s just me.

You may prize function over form and all that matters to you is the end result. To you it should be reliable, economical and easy to use.

Fair enough. But for most people emotions come first and override logic. We decide first to buy based on our emotions then rationalize our decisions.

For instance you may get caught up with the flyers from say BestBuy or FutureShop for hard-to-beat bundled offers of Notebooks. So you swipe your card, in-store or worse still order it online with its free shipping offer. Only when the notebook arrives do you find that it misses some features that you need, or given your style of use, you find that the deal that you got is not so good a deal after all .

So it helps to sit down and take note of some pointers given in the following pages before you order your notebook.

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