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I am an engineer with experience in the manufacture of automobile parts, electrolytic capacitors, rechargeable batteries, and granite products. Since my college days I was passionate about computers and their role in improving productivity. However the majority of my career was devoted to manufacturing, project planning and execution. The focus was more on engineering & management then on computers. Now I am lucky enough to devote myself more and more to this new, exciting and ever changing field. And I am determined to make a positive contribution.

My goal is to, educate my valued visitors to this site, in the selective use of IT products and services, to enhance productivity in their businesses.It is a wide prevalent myth that all IT related products and services always contribute to improvement in productivity.

That is why I focus on the term “selective”.

Through this site I make a modest attempt at driving down their total cost of ownership of IT products
- by matching clients’ needs with available products i.e. Laptops / Notebooks.

Through my sister site www.infoattips.com, I provide training in the use of Google Spreadsheets for business and personal productivity.

Wait; there is one more site that you may want to see, www.viewsonweb.com. This is my blog where I record my random thoughts, observations and my views of the world.

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