Acer Laptops (Canadian Models)

Acer Laptops (Canadian Laptops)
Select the category in which your requirements fall and browse through the appropriate ACER notebook series by clicking on it. For example if you are an office executive, running demanding applications, looking for all the functionality of a PC without sacrificing the mobility of a notebook you may want to click on the ACER Travelmate 6592/6492/6292 series listed under Desktop replacement. These may ideally fit your requirements.

Desktop Replacement Mobility at Work Small Office Home Office Solutions Home Entertainment
Mainstream notebooks with docking capability to meet the diverse mobility requirements of corporations and SMBs. These systems can offer all the power, flexibility and manageability of a desktop while helping to make employees more productive. These notebooks help you stay connected when business takes you around the world or within town. A full set of advanced features makes them just as useful back at the office. If you need a system for both professional and personal use, any one of the series might fill in your needs. Suitable for work as well as entertainment, each features ample power, full connectivity and multimedia functionality. Whether you’re looking for basic multimedia features in a budget-friendly notebook or a premium system with all the latest bells and whistles, there’s an Acer® Aspire notebook to keep you entertained.
TravelMate® 6592 Ferrari 1100 Ferrari 5000 Ferrari 1100
TravelMate® 6492 TravelMate® 7720 Ferrari 1100 Aspire® 7720
TravelMate® 6292 TravelMate® 7520 Ferrari 1000 Aspire® 7520
TravelMate® 6292 TravelMate® 7720 Aspire® 5920
TravelMate® 5720 TravelMate® 7520 Aspire® 5720
TravelMate® 5520 TravelMate® 6292 Aspire® 5715
TravelMate® 5320 TravelMate® 5720 Aspire® 5520
TravelMate® 4720 TravelMate® 5520 Aspire® 5315
Extensa 5620 TravelMate® 5320
Extensa4620 TravelMate® 4720 Extensa 5420
Extensa 5620
Extensa 5420

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