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  1. Pls send me the options for the selection i have made. Thx

  2. I am aware that some of visitors’ criteria are not met. This is either due to a glitch in the code or the database of laptops is not adequately comprehensive. This site, in its current state, is not able to retain the details of submission criteria in a table, to find out those that get left out. Efforts are made, to retain submission data in a table in the database to fix this problem. Hopefully in due time, this page will give alternative recommendations with some precision.

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  4. You may want to look for notebook models that comes loaded with the following operating systems:
    1. Windows 7 Professional with Windows XP Pro. Downgrade
    2. Windows 7 Professional 32/64bit with Windows XP Pro. Downgrade
    3. Windows 7 Professional 64bit with Windows XP Pro. Downgrade

    All three are listed in the above selection criteria form. You may want to select one of the three above, one at a time, to narrow down your choice of laptops with that that version of Windows 7 with the XP Pro downgrade option.

  5. When I buy a laptop this black friday or christmas, I will be looking for something rather fast and “next-gen”. I’m talking USB 3.0, internal SSD, big (15 inches?), backlit board, Wimax enabled. Mostly just the USB 3.0 and SSD are my two biggest specs I’ll be on the lookout for. As of yet, I haven’t found anything that meets any of these :(

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