What do you expect from your new laptop?

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The first thing you do is to make a list of what you do with your current notebook (or with your PC) if you have one . You may want to replicate at a minimum or build up on those activities with the notebook that you intend to buy. Especially note down those aspects of computing that you are not currently satisfied with your existing notebook / PC. You definitely want those irritants done away with your new notebook.

To give you an example, a female office worker may list her current PC /Notebook activities as follows:

  1. I move around with my notebook most of the time. My current notebook weighs a ton and is painful to carry.
  2. Or I don’t have a notebook currently and making do with a PC at home. But to improve my productivity, my management is willing to partly or fully finance the purchase of a notebook that I can carry home.
  3. I work from home some times, I should be able to remotely log-on to my office network.
  4. Photography is my hobby and I need a big hard drive. My current notebook hard drive is nearing its capacity and filled with all the photos that I have taken on my previous vacations and family functions etc.
  5. That reminds me about the notebook having a means of quickly tranferring photos from my camera.
  6. I don’t play games but would like to edit my photos on my notebook
  7. While music and the movies are not on my priority, I still listen/watch music videos, movies on my PC / notebook.

With a little bit of introspection anyone can come with a list like this. Even those who have not owned a PC / Notebook in their life!.

OK, I have my list ready now what do I do next you may ask.

At this point, I need to take a detour, explain you the anatomy of a laptop. Please stay with me and I will try my best to make it as interesting as possible.

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