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While listing your requirements keep in mind the productive life of a notebook is about 3 years, though it would last many more years. My notebook is 10 years old and still counting ! But with newer applications placing ever increasing demands on the hardware, I find it to be very limiting.

So ask yourself what you would do with the notebook now and in the next 3 years once you bought it. Please note that the resale value of notebooks are dropping all the time and you may not get much should you trade in your notebook for a new one even in 6 months time.

Here are some sample scenarios that I could come up with:

  • You may be a student in a college / university graduating in 3 years time. So your current requirements are fairly stable for the next 3 years. It may be enough for you to complete your class assignments and submit them online. And you may want to just surf the Internet, listen to music, keep in touch with your friends email or chat programs. But your requirements and the budget available for the next notebook will be different once you graduate and enter the job market. So the notebook you are looking for should be budget friendly and it is ok if it is less powerful.
  • Or you may be a retiree. Content with just surfing the Internet, doing your online banking, checking the status of investments online or email your near and dear ones. When you are alone you are content playing solitaire on your notebook. Your requirements are pretty much predictable and stable for the rest of your life. While budget is not your problem, you may need something reliable and easy to use in the comfort of your couch. But if go crazy with an adventurous trip to Alaska or go mountain climbing in the Himalayas lugging your notebook along then, you may need a more rugged notebook like the one the U.S. Army supplies its personnel engaged in combat operations.
  • Or you are a working professional and like your job so much that you carry your work home or do most of your work from home. You remotely log-in to your office network to retrieve or update information. You are not only comfortable with the latest features offered by your notebook, but would like to take advantage of every feature offered by it. You are not only productive, but would like it to be known to your superiors, colleagues, subordinates how computer savvy you are. For instance on your way to work, you captured a hilarious scene on your Bluetooth capable 5 megapixel cell phone, would like to immediately transfer to your notebook wirelessly, and then would like to email to all your friends as soon as you reach your office, you need to have a blue tooth enabled notebook at the very least.
  • Or you are a self employed home renovation expert. You are on the road all the time meeting your clients, quickly jotting down their requirements and preparing a quote immediately. A tablet PC with a long lasting high capacity battery could meet your requirements.
  • Or you are a creative writer, would like to take your notebook wherever you are inspired to sit and write, say Starbucks while sipping coffee or in a quiet park. Then you may need notebook with longer lasting high capacity battery and a notebook that would meet your simple word processing requirements.
  • Or you don’t care so much about what the features of the notebook or how expensive it is as to how well it complements your style. You would like to simply make a statement with your notebook as to how exclusive you are.

The point is, only you are in the best position to assess your requirements and hence privileged to make the right decision. Please bear in mind the selection of a notebook is an iterative process. Meaning you make your selection based on your perception and your perception may change with additional information that you may receive.

That makes this site ideal. You make your selection based on your current information and you do some more research and use this site again to come up with another make and model that comes close or exceeds your expectations.

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